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How To Get And Access English Mastery Course? 

Purchasing & Accessing English Mastery course is SUPER EASY! 

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Frequently asked question

How To Pay & Get English Mastery Course?

If you have an Indian credit or debit card, please purchase the course directly by clicking the ENGLISH MASTERY course provided above for Rs.2050/-

If you are trying to pay through Foreign cards, kindly note that as per RBI rules only Indian credit or debit cards can be billed with our website.

If you are trying to pay through foreign cards, please pay USD 45 through Paypal using the following link:

Not comfortable with Paypal? Want to do BANK TRANSFER? Please shoot me an email mark a cc to  


** Once you paid through website using Indian debit or credit card, English Mastery course will be added to your student profile automatically. 

** Once you paid through PAYPAL or Bank Transfer, kindly send us an email confirmation, our tech team will manually add the course to your student profile.

Who should enroll in this course? 

If you say any of the following to yourself, get this course right away!

  • I cannot understand what the other person says!
  • I can understand what my boss, friends, coworkers say but I couldn’t respond to them in English
  • My English sounds like Tamil and everyone is making fun of me
  • I want to learn how to stop translating in my head
  • I want to know how to think in English
  • I am all alone. I have no one to practice English with. How can I improve?
  • I want to practice with Native speakers but I don’t know how to access them
  • I feel shy, inferior, and fearful to speak with others 
  • I want to strengthen my vocabulary 
  • I can read and write English but I can’t speak 
  • My business emails suck, I need to learn some email writing hacks
  • I am going abroad for studies/job; I want to improve my accent
  • I want to learn some useful language learning techniques
  • I'm unable to conduct meetings and I am terrible at office presentations
  • I have grammar obsession but I am not going anywhere with my English learning
  • I want to learn English but I don't know how to fix goals and follow through. 

What will I learn from this course?

You will learn the right way to learn a language. This course has tons of information on thinking practices, rolling your tongue exercises, brain hacks to learn words, memory techniques to remember what you learnt, tricks to develop reading habit, neutralizing your mother tongue influence, tackling interviews, surviving business communication, overcoming your fears, connecting with native speakers to practice and a lottttt more! 

Is this a onetime payment or should I be paying monthly? 

Onetime payment 

How long can I access the course?

The course membership is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Can I access the course anytime I want or is there a specific time to login?

You can access the course anytime you want.

I don’t have a PC or laptop. Can I access this course from Mobile or iPad or any other Tablet?

You can access this course through your PC, Laptop or Mobile phone. 

How many hours of video lessons?

10+ Hours of Video Content (50+ Video Lessons) 

14+ Printable PDFs & Lesson Notes

Are there any exercise materials or textbooks for me to practice? 

Every video lesson is an exercise material. Pay attention to the content. Learn the techniques & apply them in real-life daily. The exercises, techniques, learning methods, brain hacks, memory techniques etc shared in these video lessons are not for practicing on a textbook but to use it in day-to-day speaking practice. The more you practice, the better you become.

I want to learn English through Tamil? Are you teaching this course just like your Youtube videos?

Yes. I have designed this course similar to my Youtube videos on English development. I teach the concepts in Tamil.

If I take your course, will I become fluent in English?

My single word answer: Depends!

My long answer: 

Listen, through this course I am handing over to you the exact blueprint I followed to learn English. I faced loads of obstacles in my English learning journey but I was determined and consistent and most importantly I was committed to improve EVERY SINGLE DAY. I worked hard EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

This course don't have any magic pill or secret sauce. All I'm going to give you are certain strategies and techniques that worked for me and teach you how you can make it work for you too!

I'm going to train you about how to overcome the limiting beliefs your school system and text book learning methods taught you!

Learning S+V+O or proper grammar or thousands of new words is not going to help you. Stop getting fooled by the limiting beliefs thrusted in your mind by our education system. Stop studying and start practicing each and every day. That's the only secret sauce. 

For me, setting your mindset to win, fixing clear goals and working consistently to reach your goals is the only path to success.

English Mastery with LJ is all about your mindset development and language development with real-time learning!  

If you are ready to commit long-term (anywhere between 6 months to 2 years), you can see tremendous improvement in your English communication skills. 




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